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Being in Love Official Album Cover

The music for this album consists of a wide range of rich sounds and we recorded personal takes on standards old and new – like Better Than Anything, Lovely Day, and even a rocking rendition of Taking It To The Streets – with a distinctly fresh, new feel. Every tune was an invitation to collaborate with another superb artist – from the great Roots vocalist Linda Tillery, the amazing Quartet SF Strings, percussionist par excellant Sheila E. to the virtuosity of Howard Levy (mouth harpist and pianist for Bela Fleck) and everyone took the invitation seriously.

I now have a deeper understanding of why adding strings to classics such as Ella Fitzgerald’s “Midnight Sun” or Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Dreamer” takes these amazing timeless gems to a profound, heartfelt level of emotion…and why all the best movie scores ALWAYS have horns and strings!


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